German Import - RETIRED

Werra von der Gachenbacher Au (Gretel)

Neroo v.'t Maroyke
Tara von der Gachenbacher Au

Gender: Female

DOB: 8 January 2019

Call name: Gretel

Our sweet Gretel is retired from our breeding program and is now enjoying her full-time foot warmer duties.

Bernergarde Dog ID 189554

Weight: 90 lbs

Werra, our by her preferred call name "Gretel", is our first Bernese and she’s definitely queen of the castle. And German royalty she is! Her line is filled with many champions of Germany, Europe, and the world. But Gretel isn’t full of herself; she’s the Queen of the People. Always wanting to cuddle and make new friends.

She's possible the calmest, sweetest and best-natured dog that ever lived! But we might be biased! :) She is the alpha dog of the pack and rules them with an understated calm presence. She is always the first one to great any and every visitor and claims them as 'her's' for the duration of their visit (even if it's just delivery guy trying to deliver a package :)).

Karin imported Gretel as a youngster from Bavaria in Germany in 2019. Since many of the boutique European breeders don't export puppies, she flew to Germany, picked Gretel up from the breeder and they spent a few days together at Karin's family home in the Black Forest for some important bonding before making the trip to the USA together.

Gretel is a very traditional type Bernese. Drafty and compact with beautiful straight and stocky legs and the breed typical blocky head with a pronounced stop. She was the easiest puppy to raise and she's Karin's devoted shadow wherever she goes. Not surprisingly with her sweet natured temperament, she has been an excellent momma and she really passes on her great looks and disposition to her offspring.

Our sweet girl is currently expecting, with her babies due end of May 2022. This will be an outstanding, double import and traditional type litter! More details can be found in the puppy section!

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