Polish Import

Nico z Gorzyckiej Zagrody (Oskar)

Giovanni Arturo v.'t Rijkenspark
Hope z Gorzyckiej Zagrody

Gender: Male

DOB: 16 June 2021

Call name: Oskar

Oskar is extensively health tested:

OFA good hips & OFA normal elbows certified

OFA eyes certified

OFA heart certified

genetic test for DM 1&2 - clear for both

von Willebrand disease (vWd) - clear

Histio pretest - lowest risk category A

Bernergarde ID 206138

Oskar is the man of the people. There’s not a bad bone or thought in him. He lives to love! He has not allowed his famed pedigree from the kingdoms of Europe to sway him from his true love: the people. At just over one year old he's already a striking male. Along with Gunnar we expect him to do great in dog competitions this year and add valuable new genetics to our program and beyond. He will be available for outside stud services starting fall 2022.

With his impressive pedigree he is probably the true royalty here - but he'd be ashamed of the acclaim. Because really, he lives for cuddles, befriending strangers and all the fun a life on the farm brings. Horse poop anyone? :)

His sire is bred and owned by the famous Dutch kennel Rijkenspark - without exaggeration one of the - if not THE - top European names in the Bernese world. His dam's sire is by the also very renowned Kronblommas kennel in Sweden, while his dam's dam is a Polish Champion and placed 4th in the European Dog Show in 2019!

He is what a Bernese should be in the truest sense. He will be tall and stout with a beautiful blocky head. He has a lovely floating gait and the sweetest temperament possible. He wants to be your best friend in life - and possibly of every stranger he ever meets!

We're super excited to be adding his pedigree, looks and temperament to our program with hopefully his first litter with Gretel winter 2022/23.

class winner international shows BIG 3 Rijssen 2018

Giovanni Arturo v.'t Rijkenspark

Italian Champion

Jean Valjean della Torre Gentile

Italian Champion

Bernerdalens Jovanotti

Cloudberry Cheesecake Dr

Aisling Riona van 't Rijkenspark

Kornblommas Nabucco

Siobhan v.'t Rijkenspark

Hope z Gorzyckiej Zagrody


Kronblommas Yam Yam

World Champ 2017, Nord JV-11 Nord V-11 SV V-13 HeW-13 NORD V-13 FIV-13, NORD UCH NO UCH

Bernerdalens Jackpot

World Winner 2017. C.I.B. FI V-17, FI UCH, NO UCH, SE V-17, SE UCH, DK UCH, NORD VV-21, DK VV-21

Kronblommas Rosalinda

PL CH, PL JCH, Junior Club Winner of Poland 2016, EDS 2019 - 4th place in open class

Baccara z Gorzyckiej Zagrody

C.I.B CH SE/PL/LT/SK, JCH PL/SK, Winner of Poland 2016, SKJW 2013, WDS 2014 - 4th place in open class, EDS 2014 Winner Open Class

Erato Hard River

Polish Champion

Verona z Gorzyckiej Zagrody