German Import

Gunnar vom Diepmannsbachtal

Hannibal vom Apfelwörth
Bjarka vom Diepmannsbachtal

Gender: Male

DOB: 4 October 2021

Call name: Gunni

Gunnar is extensively health tested:

OFA hips excellent & OFA normal elbows

OFA eyes certified

OFA heart certified

DM 1&2

vwD - clear

Histio pretest - Category B

Bernergarde ID 208150

Gunnar our little prince! Gunnar, or "Gunni" how he prefers, has the looks and pedigree to melt the hearts of man and Madel. Both his parents have A1/OFA Excellent hips and there are many a champions in his pedigree. Watch out for this (not so) little guy!

His kennel is a well-established name in Germany, having bred high quality Bernese for over 25 years. It truly is their labor of love and their lives' devotion. The 'Diepmannsbachtal Bernese' stand for high quality, longevity, breed type and can be found in many younger German breeding lines, it'ss a name people trust! They focus on the traditional drafty type, only pick the best stud dogs for their females and raise each litter with so much love. It honestly took quite a bit of convincing for them to place a puppy into an overseas home!

Adding Gunnar to our program has been no coincidence. His grandsires are Karin's favorite two living German Bernese studs for many reasons and we had to wait for two years to get on their waitlist. But the wait has been well worth it. We are beyond thrilled to have Gunnar as our stud dog prospect, adding quality, longevity and new blood to the American Bernese. He'll be available to outside breedings starting Winter 2022/23.

We will start showing Gunnar in competitions later this year, stay tuned for his achievements. We have no doubt he'll take the West Coast by storm!

Multiple CACs, 1 CAC reserve

Hannibal vom Apfelwörth

Multiple CAC, CACIB & BOB & BOS

Taron von Gramont

German Youth Champion, VDH Champ

Lamar von der Kukesburg

German Champion

Rosi von Gramont

1 German CAC reserve

Eywa vom Apfelwörth

German Champ SSV & VDH, Austrian Champ

Arne vom Kammergut

German Champ SSV & VDH, German Veteran Champ

Amy vom Apfelwörth

German Youth CAC SSV & VDH

Bjarka vom Diepmannsbachtal

German Champ, VDH Youth Champ, SSV Youth Champ, VDH Europe Youth Champ

Nordic-Storm-Neo vom Schmiedegaertchen

Bernljungens Flax Uno

German Champ, German Youth Champ VDH & SSV

Rioja v.'t Rijkenspark

Ulvi vom Diepmannsbachtal

German Champ SSV & VDH, Austrian Champ, Int. Beauty Champ (FCI), Swiss Beauty Champ

Street Glide Av Lee Armand

Mult. CAC reserve

Quiekemieke vom Diepmannsbachtal